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Kickstarter Successes

6 Campaigns

$253,082 Funded

2,143 Backers

The first dice Kickstarter Project I created did not fund since it only raised 85% of funding goal. I learned that backers wanted to see 100% completed products and not a bare metal oversized prototypes or 3D renderings.

So I relaunched after making fully floating anodized dice that reflected more of a finished product. The relaunch was fully funded in 24 hours and eventually ended raising 482% of its funding goal.

It was then that I realized that the gaming community desires unique and high quality products.

This inspired me to think about what other tabletop game could use and upgrade. It was a rush to thing about upgrading paper/plastic playing cards to a material that nobody had ever used before – Carbon Fiber. The Carbon Fiber Playing Card Kickstarter project raised more than double of my first dice project.

Then the next 4 successful projects were iterations of the first two products. Precision Polyhedral Dice, Kevlar Playing Cards, Inverse Metal Dice, & Floating Polyhedral Dice. All offered now at on our shop!

Our Story

Sly Kly Design was started by Kyle Sorensen a Mechanical Engineer with a passion for product design.

He got tired of designing products for someone else (The Man) at his 9-5 job and began to brainstorm his own product ideas.

Along with an infatuation with precision manufacturing processes and high end materials he began to create and introduce his product ideas on Kickstarter.

Kyle’s main approach to a new product is by taking a normal everyday object and upgrading its material and manufacturing method. For example, plastic molded dice to CNC machined metal dice, cut paper playing cards to CNC machined carbon fiber/kevlar playing cards.

This approach has created a very unique product line made from the finest and strongest materials and manufactured using the most precise methods.